A Slight Delay…

Due to some exam and assignment complications, there will be a slight delay on the chapters. I apologize to those who have been looking forward to said chapters, I will make it up to you somehow.


A Requiem of Water Drops

          Pit pat, pit pat. The sound of the water drops coupling with the floor tiles brings me calm. I love this feeling. Each droplet sliding and slivering down every inch of my skin, embracing me, loving me, cleansing me, raping me. It starts from my hair; the force of gravity drags it down, down past my back, down over my buttocks, spiraling down my legs. It is as if the ground below me is terra-morphed into an aquascape, a kingdom of water, dragging me down, suffocating me, smothering me with its warmth.

          This feeling is true euphoria. I’ve become one with myself, me, alone, in this box, in the corner of the bathroom. In this box, everything is true; there are no lies, no anger, no pain, no abuse. This box is my bubble, no one can enter it. It is impenetrable and immortal, for me and only me. The sound of the water blocks out everything external, the outside world and all the messed up shit that comes with it.

          Red, red! Go away…
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Envy: Sect. III

Envy: who are the sinners, the envious or the envied?

          Blythe entered the orphanarium with pride and excitement. This would be a new chapter of his life, a brighter side, the beginning of something beautiful. Blythe too is a victim of the war. Having been raised in a poor family for all his life, when war struck, it did not surprise him to hear that his father had enlisted in the army. But what did surprise him was that, just a few months later, he received a letter that toppled his whole world upside down.

          On one beautiful spring day, along with the birds returning from winter’s travels, a letter arrived for Blythe and his mother. At the age of four, Blythe was still too young to be able to fully read the letter, but he didn’t have to. The tears that rolled down the valleys of his mother’s distorted face told a message far clearer. Father has been shot and killed. Father had fought to protect them. Father had died a hero. Father…had gone, gone away forever.
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Envy: Sect. II

Envy: the sin that no one cares about.

          As time continued to age, the war grew worse. All over the two nations the once white snow-struck scenery grew darker and darker. The lands became bland and placid, more and more empty as the inhabitants fled, more and more empty as the snow became soot from the pollution emitted from heavy machinery and war machines. Crimson, sanguine dots stained the white and gray snowscape from a bird’s eye view. The screams and cries of innocents became inaudible as they ceased to be. It was as if a torrent of negativity, a torrent of darkness, hate, anger, sadness, fear and terror swept through the nations, encompassing the countries in a fabric of nightmarish sorrow. Both sides suffered many sacrifices, it soon became apparent that the end of war was nigh. Far too much was lost when nothing was gained.
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Envy: Sect. I

Envy: the sin that started it all.

          Once upon a cool winter’s night, whilst the snow slowly spiralled downwards, towards the ashen fields, a baby’s cry broke the silent eventide. It was not in the best of times to be born, in a country filled with war and corruption that edged towards the threshold to destruction. But, it was alright, for the boy had two caring and loving parents, each parent jubilant for the safe birth of their newborn child. The boy had the most vivid and alluring green eyes which shone with the intensity of the summer sky, which incited the parents to name him Envy, for all the others would be envious of his magnificence. And this is his story. Continue reading